Financial Planning

The Goal Setting Session is like finding an advocate for your retirement
Our Goal Setting Sessions employ a specific process that provides us with the appropriate information to create a roadmap for your financial future.

The steps we use to develop your Roadmap are:

  • The Fact-Finding Mission: We start with a simple questionnaire that gives us the basics, this is our foundation.
  • The Discovery Phase: We then have a conversation about every aspect of your financial life including the goals you have, the debts you may owe, the items you may want to save for, your financial concerns, your financial perspective, and much more.
  • Resource Review: We will then review the source(s) of your retirement funds and get a general idea of what you have and what you will need to retire confidently.
  • Mapping: As we discuss your financial history and future we prepare a map that will show you clearly where you are and where you need to go. We will complete the map with action items for you to work on as the first step to a healthy financial future.

We are extremely dedicated to helping people solidify what may seem like a confusing financial puzzle into an understandable actionable strategy that will help them reach their financial goals. This gives you confidence and clarity which you may not have thought was possible!

If you have any of these concerns, schedule your complimentary Goal Setting Session with us today. When we complete your session you will leave with a Road Map that will give you action steps to take toward pursuing your goals. Let us partner with you to build your financial confidence.